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Road sign at the intersection of Slater and Elder Roads (April 30, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Sizing up alternate routes around the Slater Road closure

Beginning sometime today and continuing for the next several months, Slater Road is scheduled to be closed between Elder Road and Lake Terrell Road due to a culvert replacement project. A detour route via Elder and Unick Roads will be provided for vehicle traffic. Truck traffic will be directed to a detour route further north via I-5 to Grandview Road.

Many drivers will consider avoiding the detour route, fearful of slow-moving traffic. This presents the question, if not taking the detour route, which of the other alternate routes should be taken?

Utilizing Google Maps, the following tables detailing the approximate distance and estimated travel times for each route have been compiled.

To/From I-5 (just south of Slater Rd) to Unick Rd and Lk Terrell Rd

12 min 8.3 miles Direct route before the closure
13 min 8.3 miles Via detour route
15 min 7.8 miles Via Slater/Haxton/Lampman/Olson/Unick
15 min 9.6 miles Via Main St/Mountain View Rd
16 min 8.8 miles Via Slater/Imhof/Ulrich/S Church/Douglas/Lk Terrell
22 min 16.1 miles Via truck detour (Grandview to Kickerville)

To/From I-5 (just south of Slater Rd) to Sandy Point (Sucia Dr)

12 min 8.3 miles Direct route before the closure
17 min 10.3 miles Via detour
18 min 10.1 miles Via N Red River Road
19 min 11.6 miles Via Main St/Mountain View Rd

NOTE: Time estimates in both tables account for speed limits, traffic controls (eg stop signs and signals). But they also assume traffic is flowing freely. Traffic is not always flowing freely on Main Street through Ferndale so additional time could be added to that route’s estimate. It is yet to be seen how freely traffic will be flowing through the detour route.

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