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June 15, 2019 | 6:22pm
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Snow or slush is a possibility say forecasters

National Weather Service forecasters are expecting the next weather system to arrive tonight and with it a threat of snow or slush in the lowlands north of Everett to the Canadian border.

Early this morning, forecasters released the following statement:

An approaching front will bring increasing clouds late this afternoon and evening with precipitation moving onto the coast after midnight. Temperatures will be cool enough for a rain/snow mix as precipitation begins at some locations over the interior – especially the higher hilltops and areas north of Snohomish County. There is some chance of minimal accumulation – less than an inch – at some locations near the Canadian Border where temperatures are likely to be a bit cooler. This would most likely occur on lawns with little or no impact to roads. Accumulations elsewhere are not expected. Marginal temperatures will help precipitation to quickly turn to rain with showers lingering into Wednesday afternoon as the upper trough settles in.

Any frozen precipitation will be brief according to forecasters.

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