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Early morning snow is visible on Main Street (February 24, 2018). My Ferndale News webcam

How about some more snow? It’s in tomorrow’s forecast

National Weather Service forecasters updated the forecast for tomorrow this afternoon and it included that 4-letter word, snow.

According to forecasters, up to one inch of snow is possible during the morning in the north interior lowland areas, including the Ferndale area.

A new weather system will spread precipitation across western Washington late tonight and early Tuesday morning, with the front leaving the area around midday. Precipitation is expected to initially fall mostly as snow across the lowlands as the system arrives since temperatures are expected to be in the lower to mid 30s.

Precipitation amounts are expected to be light and the snow should change to rain by mid to late morning as the the snow level should rise to around 1500 feet by the afternoon.

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Looking ahead, forecasters say to expect a stronger Pacific frontal system to move through western Washington late Wednesday and Wednesday night. This system should be a little warmer with snow levels at 1000 to 2000 feet, so the Ferndale area can expect rain from this system. It will also be breezy to windy but winds speeds are not expected to be high enough to warrant an advisory.

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