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Speed limit to be reduced on section of Portal Way

At Monday evening’s Ferndale City Council meeting, it was unanimously decided to reduce the speed limit on Portal Way between approximately Brown Road and Enterprise Road for safety reasons due to the deteriorated road surface.

A road improvement project is planned for 2017 to “grind, pre-level, repair areas of base failure and provide a 2-in overlay” the same area of Portal Way.

It appeared the intent at the council meeting was to immediately reduce the speed limit in the area from 45mph to 35mph as was City staff’s recommendation. But the ordinance change adopted applied the reduced speed to the time during the project.

Portal Way from north of its intersection with Trigg Road to 275 feet north of its intersection with Brown Road. Speed shall be temporarily reduced to 35 MPH during reconstruction and resurfacing.

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When asked about the discrepancy, a City spokesperson told Discover Ferndale in an email message this morning,

Crews are going out to install the new 35 MPH signs tomorrow – although the project is still in the design phase and planned for Spring/Summer 2017.

Drivers can expect to see a reduced speed limit in place in that area on Portal Way beginning tomorrow, Thursday, November 10th. This change is expected to remain in place until completion of the road improvement project.

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  1. Kevin Kevin November 9, 2016 at 12:10pm

    So did they say what the speed limit would be after construction is complete? Currently, between Grandview and Brown Road the posted speed limit is 50 mph southbound and 45 mph northbound – are they going to fix that?

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