Strong Ferndale retail sales growth reported

highest taxable retail sales counties 1q18 srce WA DOR
Source: WA Department of Revenue

Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) recently released data regarding the state’s taxable retail sales during the first quarter of 2018 (January to March).

Looking at all taxable retail sales including those involving services and construction:

1Q17 1Q18 % of change
Washington State $34.1B $37.6B 10.3
Whatcom County $913.4M $1.01B 10.8
Ferndale $50.4M $58.7M 16.5


Looking only at consumer sales of items such as clothing, furniture and automobiles (referred to as “retail trade”):

1Q17 1Q18 % of change
Washington State $14.5B $15.8B 8.6
Whatcom County $398.8M $449.5M 12.7
Ferndale $17.7M $20.1M 13.5
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DOR pointed out the following state-wide highlights from the data:

  • Construction rose 11.1 percent to $7.4 billion
  • Taxable retail sales reported by new and used auto dealers increased 2.2 percent to $3.3 billion
  • Drug and health store sales jumped 9.1 percent to $733 million
  • Lawn and garden supplies and equipment rose by 13.7 percent to $186 million

The biggest increases in all taxable retail sales occurred in the counties of Kitsap (14.8%) and Skagit (14.9%). The biggest increases in large cities happened in Spokane Valley (11.5%) and Vancouver (13.9%).

Whatcom County ranked 7th in the state for total taxable retail sales during the first quarter.

County Taxable retail sales % of change Retail trade % of change
King $15.4B 9.0 $5.3B 6.5
Pierce $4.0B 10.4 $1.9B 8.2
Snohomish $3.5B 10.1 $1.8B 6.8
Spokane $2.3B 10.1 $1.1B 9.0
Clark $1.8B 13.9 $747M 10.2
Thurston $1.3B 9.4 $630M 11.9
Kitsap $1.1B 14.8 $556M 10.4
Whatcom $1.0B 10.8 $450M 12.7
Yakima $936M 14.1 $453B 10.5
Skagit $717M 14.9 $371M 8.8

The Department of Revenue is Washington state’s primary tax agency.

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