Superfeet announces custom footwear based on 3D scans and biomechanics

Both products will be custom-created based on each customer's unique foot shape and biomechanics.

superfeet headquarters and manufacturing facility in ferndale wa 2017-03-03
Superfeet headquarters and manufacturing facility in Ferndale (March 3, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Ferndale-based insole manufacturer, Superfeet, has announced 2 new individualized footwear products based on digitized 3D scans of the customer’s feet, plantar pressure and gait analysis.

Superfeet will market the ME3D™ Recover, billed as “the market’s first fully-customized recovery slide.” Recovery footwear is intended to be worn after long runs and workouts and is designed for support and comfort.

And Seattle-based running attire and accessories retailer, Brooks Running Company, has partnered with Superfeet to market individualized performance running shoes, the Brooks Levitate RS.

According to an announcement from Superfeet, both products will be custom-created based on a runner’s unique biomechanics, as captured via FitStation by HP systems located at retail locations. The products will be manufactured at Superfeet’s Ferndale facility located at 1820 Scout Place.

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Brooks Running Company officials explained the process in a press release. “The FitStation analysis translates into specific requirements for each shoe, and is then produced by Superfeet on a state-of-the-art DESMA polyurethane injection-molding machine.”

“Having the leader in running footwear leverage FitStation and our U.S. manufacturing facilities to create the most individualized running shoe on the market is momentous,” said Superfeet President and CEO John Rauvola.

The new footwear products are expected to be available from retailers beginning June 2018.

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