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Water over roadway. Discover Ferndale stock image

Surface water flooding creates driving challenges

No crashes have been reported yet but drivers should be alert to the presence of surface water flooding on low-lying roads and especially those near creeks.

The Ferndale area has received over 1.25 inches of rainfall since midnight according to a weather station near Ferndale High School. As a result there are some roads with inches of standing water that could make driving difficult and dangerous.

On Portal Way, south of Grandview Road, several inches of water has spread across the entire roadway for several yards where the speed limit is 50mph. The water also stretches across both lanes on W Smith Road to the west of LaBounty Drive.

The weather forecast calls for more rain through Tuesday so conditions may be sustained or worsen during that time. The potential exists for local creeks to overflow and standing water in roadways to become a hazard for drivers in additional locations. Check storm drains in your neighborhood and keep them clear of debris to help minimize the potential for surface water flooding.

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