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T-Bone Collision on Pacific Place

It may have been consequential for two cars who met in an intersection that one stop sign was missing (or not – see clarification below). A report of one vehicle speeding through a parking lot just before may also have been.

The two vehicles collided at the intersection of Pacific Place and Industrial Place (see map below). Both vehicles ended up in the ditch. Both drivers were injured and required treatment. One driver required the “jaws of life” be used in order to be extracted from their vehicle.

t-bone collision at industrial pl and pacific pl
Photo Discover Ferndale
t-bone collision at industrial pl and pacific pl - door removed
Photo Discover Ferndale

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Point of clarification…
It has been discovered that the intersection is legally a “T” intersection with a parking lot access at the southern point. Exiting a parking lot is an implied stop. It appears one vehicle was leaving the parking lot and did not stop before entering the intersection. Whether it should have appeared to them that they were leaving a parking lot may be fodder for lawyers.
pacific and industrial places intersection with parking lot

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