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February 27, 2020 | 8:44am
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Mentions: Ferndale High School

School Board asked approve site plan for new high school construction

This site plan presents the least cost and shortest schedule to construct but will put buildings closer to the train tracks.

Mentoring program at Ferndale High School reports progress

"A common misconception is that mentorship is only for troubled youth. That’s not true at all."

Online ‘dashboards’ let public monitor new high school building progress

They detail progress through design and construction as well as how bond revenue money is being spent.

3 site plan options for new high school buildings revealed

Using information from recent site assessments, detailed site plan options were developed.

FHS boys hoops report – week 1

Highlights from FHS boys basketball season-opening games.

FHS Boys Basketball season begins with a home game

The Golden Eagles are looking for a large turnout since they will not play at home again until December 16th.

District issues correction about knowing of prior arrest when student registered for classes

"The timeline was not correct regarding when the Ferndale Police Department shared information about the student.”

School District speaks to August arrest of student arrested Wednesday for threat

2 days before this week's arrest, school administrators learned he had been arrested in August and "immediately began creating a safety plan."