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43.8 F
February 28, 2020 | 1:37pm
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Mentions: Puget Sound Energy

Ferndale businesses win awards at Chamber Awards dinner

Here is the list of the awards and recipients.

Windstorm arrives on schedule – power outages reported

Winds are forecast to become stronger this evening.

UPDATED: Pipeline rupture in BC results in PSE asking customers to reduce natural gas use

Officials: The natural gas supply has been impacted.

50+ wake to a power outage in north Ferndale

The power outage was first reported at 3am.

Power outage in NW Ferndale left 80 in the dark

Before 11am today, a neighborhood in northwest Ferndale lost power according to reports from impacted neighbors. Puget Sound Energy reported 80 homes were impacted during the initial outage and reduced that number to...

Some wake to find themselves without power in north Ferndale

Officials estimate it will be later this afternoon before power is restored.

In midst of a cold winter, assistance is available for paying PSE bills

More than $10 million is available to households that need assistance.