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February 27, 2020 | 9:41am
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Mentions: Thornton Street Overpass

Q&As From Mayoral Candidates Forum

Last night, July 15th, the candidates for Mayor of Ferndale participated in a forum sponsored by the Ferndale Senior Activity Center. In attendance were: Jon Mutchler Manuel Reta Vicca Thompson Cathy Watson   Candidate Carol Bersch was unable...

Thornton Street Overpass Disappears from State Budget Draft

It was reported here at the beginning of this year's State legislative session that the Thornton Street Overpass and Smith Road improvements transportation projects appeared as line items on the draft budget...

While We Wait on the Thornton Street Overpass

Recent events in the State legislature have given hope to the idea that the Thornton Street overpass may happen in our lifetime but the reality of waiting a potential dozen years even if...

Thornton Overpass State Funding Update

It was recently reported that the Thornton Street Overpass along with some Smith Road improvements (assumed to be the development of an I-5 interchange) were included in a draft transportation budget and...

State is Considering Funding Thornton Overpass

The Washington State Senate Transportation Committee has a couple Ferndale area transportation projects in the budget being considered during the current legislative session. The proposed $15 billion transportation budget is accompanied by a...