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February 27, 2020 | 8:58am
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Mentions: water

See how the new utility rates may effect your household budget

Enter water usage volumes to see an estimate of what your future bimonthly billings might look like.

New Ferndale water and sewer rate structure approved

The new rate structure will be applied to bimonthly utility billings beginning with the February 28, 2020 billing.

Utility rate structure options presented to City Council

The proposed options include a base plus 4 levels of increasing volume charges.

City responds to claim of a “dying well”

The City of Ferndale's water comes from a system of two ground water wells about 100-feet deep.

City’s mandatory watering schedule begins June 1st

Mandatory watering restrictions will be in place between June 1st and September 15th.

City releases 2018 Water Quality Report

City reports being in compliance regarding all contaminants in the report.

Updated: Ecology hosted open house in Ferndale regarding draft Hirst Decision fix

Organizers ran out of handouts due to the large turnout.

Boil advisory lifted

"Tests came back satisfactory and the boil advisory is lifted as of now."