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A full moon rises over the Ferndale area (September 27, 2015). Photo: My Ferndale News

Telescopes to be Aimed at Lunar Eclipse in Pioneer Park

full moon in the bridge
Photo: Discover Ferndale

The public is welcome to view tonight’s total lunar eclipse with telescopes set up in Pioneer Park, courtesy of the Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers. According to a post on the City website,

There will be at least six high-powered telescopes there for the public to use.

The moon will be nearly in full eclipse when it rises in the east around 7:30pm tonight, September 27th (a little later than the tables say since we have to wait for it to get above the mountains). The total eclipse will occur at 7:10pm and will last until about 8:20pm when it will begin the transition back through the partial eclipse phase until 9:30pm revealing the full moon.

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