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Thornton Street Overpass Disappears from State Budget Draft

washington state capital buildingIt was reported here at the beginning of this year’s State legislative session that the Thornton Street Overpass and Smith Road improvements transportation projects appeared as line items on the draft budget being prepared in the Senate. 

As the end of the session nears these items are no longer to be found in the list of projects being budgeted for. It appears they fell off as early as when the list was being approved in the Senate and before arriving to the House. As noted in the original story, projects are not guaranteed to remain on the list. This is due to negotiations to reduce the total amount due to financial limitations, to swap in other projects or whatever happens during legislative negotiations.

Nothing is for certain until the session ends on April 26th.

While this means these projects may not end up in line for funding as part of the overall State transportation bill there are other State and Federal funding options available to the City.

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