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Thunderstorms Heading North from Southern Puget Sound

UPDATE 12:30pm
Reports from south of Whatcom County are that this storm system has been a bit of a non-event with mild winds, a little lightning and minimal rainfall in the lowlands.

Reports from the eastern county are of short periods of heavy rain.

Tracking the system on radar has seen the system’s energy drop as it passed over the cool waters of Puget Sound. But weather systems are dynamic and can change quickly. Be prepared for gusty winds, lightning and continued high fire risk.

There are many smaller systems headed our way from California. Any of them could make for interesting weather over the next day or two.

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UPDATE 10:30am
Reports of thunder in Everett. This coincides with the storm’s previous rate of travel and puts the estimated arrival time in Whatcom County about 12:30pm today.

At 8:50am today, June 28th, the Seattle office of the National Weather Service reported,

Thunderstorms are moving north through western Thurston and Lewis, and eastern Grays Harbor counties now. When thunder roars, head indoors!

These storms could reach Western Whatcom county about noon or shortly after at their current speed.
thunderstorms from the southFrom 8:45am to 9:30am, Puget Sound Energy had dispatched crews to investigate several reports of outages in the Auburn/Kent area just east of Tacoma. These occurred just as the leading edge of this storm was arriving although weather had not been confirmed as a cause as of the time this article was written.

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