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March 23, 2019 | 9:50pm
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Tired of recent weather events? Here is what’s expected this week

A National Weather Service (NWS) forecaster in the Seattle office noted this morning that a choice between differing weather model scenarios may have been influenced by “event fatigue.” After being bombarded by a series of high wind and snow events, many in the Ferndale area and much of the Puget Sound region likely feel the same way.

Looking forward through next weekend though, the outlook is far less eventful.

Gusty winds from the northeast are possible today and Environment Canada forecasters issued a wind warning for later this morning due to expected wind gusts of up to 55mph near the border as a result of Fraser Valley outflow. NWS forecasters say to expect closer to 35mph gusts and as of 9am had not issued any advisories.

The forecast for the remainder of the week calls for continuing cold temperatures between the low-20s and low-40s (historical average temperatures for this time of the year are high-40s to mid-30s by the way) and relatively dry weather. Skies will be a mix of partly cloudy and mostly sunny from day to day.

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If it were not for a chance of precipitation Wednesday, it could be said no precipitation is currently expected through the weekend.

Any precipitation that falls early on Wednesday will likely fall as snow, even in the lowlands, given the cold morning temperatures. But whatever falls is not expected to stick around long as temperatures are expected to rise to around 40°.

The blustery northeast winds are expected to continue into Wednesday but remain weak enough that forecasters do not expect to issue any advisories.

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  1. when clicking on current weather it shows weather from 9-25-18, weather coming west from the cascades, which is not possible…weird stuff, maybe check it out repost a current weather forecast unless I’m not reading it right,

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Joe Beaulaurier
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