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Air Guard's Northeast Air Defense Sector provide support for NORAD's annual Christmas Eve mission.

Track Santa’s progress as he heads toward Ferndale

You can track Santa today as he makes his way around the world toward Ferndale with NORAD’s Santa Tracker.  

NORAD is short for “North American Aerospace Defense Command” which is famous for its ability to track nearly anything flying around the globe. They got into the Santa Claus tracking business by accident back in 1955.

According to Wikipedia, an advertisement offered a phone number for children to call Santa. The phone number printed was incorrect sending children’s calls to NORAD (called CONAD at the time) instead of to Santa. Instead of telling the callers, “wrong number,” it was decided NORAD staff would provide Santa’s “current location” and, thus, a tradition was born.

norad santa tracker screen grab of santa over russia 2015-12-24
Screen grab of NORAD’s Santa Tracker showing Santa Claus over Russia.

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