I-5 southbound through Ferndale closed due to crash

view of sb i5 crash scene between nooksack river and main street 2017-12-6 0640
View of southbound I-5 crash scene between Nooksack River and Main Street interchange via WSDOT camera (December 6, 2017).

Law enforcement and aid units responding to a crash this morning about 6:30am reported the I-5 roadway by the Nooksack River was covered in black ice.

About 6:30am, a multiple vehicle crash was reported in the southbound lanes of I-5 in the area of the Nooksack River bridge, between the Portal Way and Main Street interchanges.

Law enforcement stopped both lanes of I-5 southbound at the Nooksack River bridge between 6:30am and 7:30am.

nb and sb views of sb i5 crash scene between nooksack river and main street 2017-12-6 0640
Views of southbound I-5 crash scene between the Nooksack River bridge and the Main Street interchange and the resulting backup via WSDOT cameras located north and south of the incident (December 6, 2017).
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Whatcom County Fire District 7 Fire Chief Larry Hoffman said 5 people were treated for injuries at the crash scene. 3 of the 5 were transported to PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center, 2 by ambulance and 1 by a family member. Hoffman said all had non-life threatening injuries.

Hoffman said this should serve as a reminder to drivers when temperatures are near or below freezing — be cautious when driving over bridges and overpasses since they are the most susceptible to icing.

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Story updates as they occurred

7:15am – aid crews have cleared the scene. Vehicles still need to be towed from the crash site. One lane is expected to be opened shortly and a request for a sand truck has been made.

7:22am – Vehicles involved in the crash(es) have been cleared from the lanes of travel.

7:32am – Both lanes of southbound I-5 have been reopened to traffic.

The story was updated at 9:15am to include information from Fire Chief Larry Hoffman.


  1. Boy, it sure snarled traffic in town. I had to be in My Vernon by 8, and ended up stuck on Portal after being turned back. I headed over to Douglas Rd to Slater to I5. By that time, it was reopened. All the more reason to push for more bridges over the river.