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Main Street traffic (February 16, 2016). Discover Ferndale webcam image.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Expect challenges during the evening commute

It was recently announced Slater Road will be closed beginning at 4pm due to rising floodwaters. This means a lot of drivers will be looking for alternate routes home during this evening’s commute.

To further complicate matters, Marine Drive and Ferndale Road, have also been closed due to water over those roadways. This makes Main Street the southernmost arterial between I-5 and south and west Ferndale destinations.

As a result, a high volume of drivers can be expected to use Main Street as their route to south and west Ferndale locations. During a typical evening commute, this route is already challenged to hold the number of vehicles making their way from I-5, across Pioneer Centennial Bridge and through the traffic lights downtown.

Other potentially less traveled I-5 exits to be considered while Slater Road remains closed include,

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* Portal Way – turn right at the end of the off-ramp and proceed north to Brown Road. Take Brown Road to Malloy Road, Vista Drive or Church Road to get to north Ferndale destinations.
* Portal Way – turn left at the end of the off-ramp to get to central Ferndale locations
* Grandview Road – turn left at the end of the off-ramp and follow Grandview to Olson Road or N Star Road to get to north Ferndale locations. Continue to Mountain View Road to get to south Ferndale locations.

While the above routes are longer, higher speed limits and fewer traffic controls (e.g. stop signs) make them efficient alternatives to the expected high volume of traffic on Main Street.


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