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Traffic Alert: Ragnar runners to converge on area roads tomorrow

Drivers should be aware of runners following a course through Ferndale that can be expected to impact traffic tomorrow morning (Friday).

For several years, the Annual Northwest Passage Ragnar Relay takes off from Blaine and leads teams of hundreds of runners on a course through Ferndale on their way to Whidbey Island and the end of the course.

Runners can expected to be passing through Ferndale between 8am and 1pm.

Not all roads the course follows (see map below) are equipped to handle both the volume of runners in addition to vehicle traffic. As well, runners come from all over the Pacific Northwest and are often not familiar with the area and the roads. In past years, calls were made to What-Comm 911 dispatch resulting in dispatches regarding runner safety concerns at intersections and on the Slater Road I-5 overpass where runners were reported running in traffic.

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Runners are expected to arrive in Ferndale via Olson Road from Grandview Road. The course then turns down Thornton Street to Church Road, then north on Church to Brown Road and down Vista Drive to 3rd Avenue.

Expect lots of relay-related runner and vehicle activity around Cascadia Elementary as that is a designated relay hand-off point.

Runners proceed out of Ferndale from 2rd Avenue via Main Street to Hovander Drive, to Smith Road and south on LaBounty Road to Sunset Avenue. From there, they take Rural Avenue to Slater Road and head out to Northwest Drive, continuing on through Bellingham.

Ragnar map thru Ferndale
The Ragnar course through Ferndale area.

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