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Marine Drive closed during flooding event (November 2015). Photo: My Ferndale News

Traffic Alert: Slater Road remains closed

Slater Road, Marine Drive and Barrett/Paradise Roads remain closed this morning due to river flooding. As a result, drivers will have fewer routes available for getting to and from I-5 during the morning commute.

Drivers will likely encounter a repeat of yesterday’s sluggish morning commute today.

Main Street is handling the traffic that would not only be using Slater Road but also Marine Drive, which was closed yesterday also due to river flooding.

Whatcom County Public Works Assistant Superintendent Gina Miller said this morning that crews are planning to have Slater Road reopened by 8am this morning which will provide welcome traffic relief later in the morning commute. Miller cautioned water over the road is expected to remain for several more hours after the opening.
Drivers heading from west Ferndale locations say using Grandview Road via Kickerville, N Star and Olson Roads to avoid much of the logjam. Otherwise, drivers should expect and plan for delays.

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