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Traffic Impact: 3rd Avenue to be closed for 3 months

The City of Ferndale work crews will close 3rd Avenue between Main Street and Alder Street to all traffic and pedestrians for about 3 months while they install new utilities, pavement surface and sidewalks.

The closure is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Monday, July 10th.

Utilities installed will include a low-impact storm water system incorporating pervious pavement and storm water treatment cells beneath the roadway.

Access to the Washington Federal branch will be available throughout the project.

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The project is funded by a grant from the Department of Ecology. Per the grant, the City of Ferndale will be reconstructing the road to incorporate pervious pavement and storm water treatment cells beneath the roadway.

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One Comment

  1. Larrian Eagan Larrian Eagan July 9, 2017

    Having lived in N. Everett most of my life I welcomed the ” small ” town of Ferndale 14 years ago . I loved the downtown Main St. It felt laid back and friendly.

    My first stop at Grant’s Burgers was one I won’t soon forget when we were house hunting ! Small town Main Street. Then came Haggen’s ( which I love), Walgreens and several other stores & shops.And so it goes.

    I’ve seen a lot of changes since I came here. Most of which I am not happy about. Just my opinion .
    Truck stop on the east side was the first thing I noticed. It has created a huge mess in streets that were not designed for this type of traffic. Apartments going in on the west side and now these single family homes. Again, traffic that will exacerbate the problem. Thornton Rd. unfinished !

    Soon” my”small town will resemble the very city I moved from. I begrudge no know a new home, good shopping & prosperity for business owners . Not at all ! Just sayin’ I will miss the quiet place I chose to live .

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