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Truck in the I-5 Median by Sunset could mess up your drive home

truck in median by sunset on I-5 nb 01-14-15Yesterday it was an accident by the airport and today it looks like a tractor-trailer rig in the median could mess up your drive home.

It happened about an hour ago (~3pm)but the extraction could be a while.

It is just north of the Sunset onramp and traffic is backed up to Lakeway. One lane northbound is blocked to allow the tow truck to extract the rig from the median.

Watch here for updates or monitor the I-5 cameras.

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UPDATE 5:38pm
The accident scene has been cleared and both lanes are open.

UPDATE 5:00pm
The tow truck crew have the tractor-trailer rig out of the median and back up on the roadbed. Likely to clear the scene very soon and open the blocked lane. It’s going to take a while to clear the traffic jam especially with all the traffic heading home about now. Alternate routes recommended.

UPDATE 4:45pm
They have dislodged the semi and made some headway. Still one lane is block and the back up is still to Lakeway. Consider alternate routes if you get on I-5 south of the Guide Meridian. Even if they get it out in the next 15 minutes, the logjam isn’t going to go away fast.

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UPDATE 4:20pm
The tow truck crew appear to be making some headway with this gargantuan task. Fingers and toes people. Fingers and toes.


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