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Unpaid taxes force Dickey’s Barbecue Pit closure

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Ferndale closed by State officials due to unpaid taxes. Photo: Discover Ferndale

Diners looking to visit Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Ferndale since Thursday have been disappointed to find the lights out and an official letter posted on the door.

The letter posted on the front door of the restaurant at 2054 Main Street is from the Washington State Department of Revenue. It explained that two warrants for unpaid taxes had been issued against DB BBQ Foods LLC doing business as Dickeys Barbecue Pit Ferndale in June and July of this year. The total of the warrants is $15,555.82.

The franchise’s taxpayer certificate of registration has since been revoked as has their reseller permit the letter said. These actions were taken since the warrants remained unpaid after more than 30 days since being issued.

The owner was reported to be out of the state due to a death in the family at the time of the restaurant’s closure.

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According to state law, the certificate and permit can be reinstated or replaced if the amounts due on the warrants are paid or if a payment plan can be agreed to with the Department of Revenue.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Ferndale opened in June of 2014. Exactly a month ago, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Lynden closed their doors. At the time, it was said the Ferndale location would remain open.


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  1. Samantha S Samantha S October 22, 2016

    Personally I think a different restaurant should replace Dickye’s. That place was just terrible. We ate there and flies landed on my daughters food. Their ordering process is a nightmare. They don’t write your order down, or put it in the computer. They just “remember” it. So we decided to just get a lb of pulled pork to go and have pulled pork sandwiches at home with our own french fries. But the pulled pork always had so much fat. I mentioned it to them and they just shrugged their shoulders and left so much fat in the lb of pulled pork. Also their idea of a “taco” was a small corn tortilla, a slab of cheese and whatever meat you choose. Not heated up, just cold and nothing else on it. Pretty pathetic.


    This has been a hard year for the owners of both Dickeys….My X step mother owned Lynden and my son owned the Ferndale store…yes there was a tax issue at both stores but before you slam the owners in Jan my sons grandmaother died in ND he was there as i was to to help get her estate in order my X husband is a double amputee and stayed in ND…we went back again in May to bury my x mother in law and then my son found out that they had found his dad passed away next to the bed his mother died in that was the beginning of Oct so NO they werent on vacation we were all dealing with deaths and if anyone knows how long probate can go on…Please before you slam this business and all the changes its not the stores that did the changes they HAD to do them because of the big wigs that own the few hundred stores in the US and yes there is ALOT of Dickeys…for those of you that did make complants and didnt call coorprote and tell them I know my sons store would have made it good with free sandwich cards and other things….I helped out in both stores over the years so yes i know how its ran…# 1 we smoke every piece of meat in there everyday/night brisket takes 14 hours in the smoker inside of the building #2 sense everything had to be smoked daily its not like if we ran out of something we couldnt just throw it in the smoker …#3 no microwave is allowed in any of the stores so for those who said they microwaved it in front of you need to quit spreading lies #4 caterings needed to be placed at least 1 DAY prior so we can put the right meat in for the extra caterings #5 they shipped in HICKORY the only type of wood they used #6 you had the decision if you wanted your pork or brisket eather chopped or sliced if you order it chopped yes you will get fat in it and thats the way they do it in TEXAS… so there is a short briefing on things its coorprote that MADE THE STORES CHANGE THE MENUS AND PRICES…and Not each stores…its like Mc Donalds a CHAIN restraunt…..`so please before you know the truth then dont comment about things that are hear say and you know NOTHING about what really went on…

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