Virtual home tours offered by local Realtor is a first in the State

tommy mutchler seen creating a VR walkthrough video 2 2018-06 source youtube
Tommy Mutchler seen creating a VR walkthrough video (May 23, 2018). Source: YouTube

A house buyer on the east coast or anywhere in between is now able to do a virtual walk-through of homes here in the Ferndale area as a result of a local man offering the service.

Real estate broker Tommy Mutchler points out how house-hunting consumes gas and time and it is even more challenging if you are trying to buy a house in an area hundreds of miles away. So he has begun offering a service to make the process easier.

Interested home buyers will receive a virtual reality (VR) goggles from Mutchler that can be used in combination with special online videos for properties the buyer is interested in. Wearing the headset while viewing the videos enables 360° views that are not restricted to just where the camera is pointed as is the case with conventional videos. The viewer simply turns their head to change the viewing angle, just as they would if they were actually there.

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Mutchler is able to create the videos using a special camera and provides a walking commentary while recording each property. “This is not a slideshow of photos or a conventional flat video. This is a full 360° video showing every nook and cranny of the home. We even take you out side to see what the neighborhood looks like,” Mutchler says on his website.

The house hunters, if they don’t like a home, have only wasted 5 minutes watching a video and not an hour or two driving out and walking through the property Mutchler points out.

“A skillful photographer can make a tiny room look larger, a dark room look brighter, etc. So the buyer arrives and feels like the home looks nothing like what they saw online. VR technology solves that problem,” Mutchler said. Mutchler offers the service for free to house hunters.

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Mutchler is a Ferndale native and a Realtor since 2015.


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