Volunteers sought for School Bond Oversight Committee

Ferndale School Board special meeting to discuss putting a bond measure before voters (October 11, 2016). Photo: My Ferndale News

While the general election that will decide the fate of a proposed $112 million Ferndale School District (FSD) Bond is not until November, organizers are asking for applications for a Community Oversight Committee that will be assembled to ensure the money is spent as the voters intend.

The bond going before voters in November was developed based on recommendations from a Task Force of 85 people under the direction of FSD who required the Task Force consider 3 options provided by the District and that they follow a directive that Ferndale High School was to be “a signature project.”

The Task Force ultimately rejected the 3 options and developed a 4th. In their recommendation they proposed

  • $105 million to rebuild many of the Ferndale High School buildings
  • $2 million to update the FHS auditorium
  • 1 million for security upgrades in other buildings in other FSD schools
  • $4 million to address critical needs at other buildings in other FSD schools

Former Bond Task Force members are now coordinating the process for selecting 5 to 9 people to serve on the Community Oversight Committee.

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Requirements for applicants to serve on the committee include

  • Must live within the Ferndale School District
  • Cannot be a Ferndale School District employee, vendor, contractor or consultant
  • Cannot be a City of Ferndale employee, consultant or elected official (to avoid potential conflicts of interest or appearance of conflicts during permitting processes)
  • Must be willing to commit to the multi-year timeframe of the bond construction process

Individuals with backgrounds in construction, project management, engineering and finance are encouraged to apply.

Click here for more details and how to apply. Applications are due by September 14. Questions can be directed via email to Riley Cornelsen at riley.cornelsen@gmail.com.


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