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Water Main Rupture on Ferndale Terrace

water main break on ferndale terrace 05-19-2015A broken water main was reported just before 10am today alongside Ferndale Terrace in the 2100 block. City crews are on scene and the road has been reduced to one lane in the area.

Water can be seen bubbling out of the ground and flowing onto property and along the roadway.

Neighbors in the immediate vicinity have reported their water service being interrupted.

According to public works staff, repairs have been made and water service is in the process of being restored.

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After repairs were completed on the initial rupture another break in the line was detected and is being dealt with. No word on when repairs may be completed or if service will be interrupted until then.

The second break has been repaired. Two additional leaks on Hawthorne Street and one on Madrona Drive have since been reported. According to the city, it will be a few more hours while they continue to make repairs.

UPDATE 7:45pm
Public Works Foreman Jim Slaughter reported, “The water is back on at all three locations.”

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