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Wednesday night flood update

As of 10:15pm, the reported level of the Nooksack River at Main Street was 15 feet.

At that time, water was just covering the fog line at the corner of Barrett and Paradise Roads and was across Ferndale Road, between Ulrich and Slater Roads.

The forecast is for the river level to continue climbing until cresting a half-inch short of the official flood stage of 19 feet about 10pm tomorrow night.

Drivers can expect more road impacts in the morning when the river level is expected to be about 18 feet by 5am. Based on recent history, the following roads could be impacted to some extent by water and debris across the roadways by morning.

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* the corner of Barrett & Paradise Roads
* Ferndale Road north of Slater Road
* Ferndale Road north of Marine Drive
* Marine Drive west of Ferndale Road
* Slater Road east of the Nooksack River bridge

The river is expected to continue to rise tomorrow until cresting around 10pm. Expect road conditions on low lying roads near the river to worsen during that time.

Drivers should be alert for water and debris on these and other low lying roadways near the river. Driving into water across roadways is never safe. Doing so can disable a vehicle’s engine or simply make it difficult to stay on the roadway.

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There have been several people rescued from vehicles during flooding in the Ferndale area during the past few years. It does happen.


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