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While We Wait on the Thornton Street Overpass

Recent events in the State legislature have given hope to the idea that the Thornton Street overpass may happen in our lifetime but the reality of waiting a potential dozen years even if it does get green-lighted makes rethinking current Ferndale commuter logic worthwhile.

Many of you reading this live within the growing neighborhoods to the north of downtown Ferndale. Considering that, what routes are available to you for getting onto I-5 and heading south as so many do each morning?

Discover Ferndale took this question to heart and developed the following list of routes originating at the intersection of Church Road and Thornton Street and ending up southbound on I-5 (click each thumbnail to view a larger map):

map for routes 1 thru 3

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1. Thornton Street east to Vista Drive to Washington Street to 2nd (crosses RR tracks) to Portal Way on-ramp


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map for routes 1 thru 3


2. Thornton Street east to Vista Drive to Main Street to Main Street on-ramp




map for routes 1 thru 3


3 . Church Road south to Main Street to Main Street on-ramp




map for route 4


4. Church Road north to Brown Road to Vista Drive to Grandview Road (crosses RR tracks) to Grandview Road on-ramp



map for route 5


5. Church Road south to Main Street to Douglas Road to Imhof Road to Slater Road to Slater Road on-ramp



map for route 6


6. Church Road north (or Thornton Street to Malloy Avenue and then) to Brown Road to Portal Way to Portal Way on-ramp




Considering the route speed limits and stop signs and signals (but not traffic volume), the time to get to a point just south of Slater Road on southbound I-5 for each is (in minutes):

    1. 10
    2. 11
    3. 11
    4. 12
    5. 12
    6. 13


As can be assumed, the reverse commute for each route is about the same. The drive time estimates for routes 2 and 3 should be set a bit higher with the dose of reality that rush hour congestion adds. But these routes are also the only ones not effected by rail traffic at crossings so maybe they points for that.

Armed with this information, might using alternate routes get you there at the same time (or better) while avoiding Main Street congestion? And if enough of us did just that, might that reduce the congestion on Main Street for those who still need take that route?

– From the Editor

Comments have been enabled below for your thoughts. Have you tried any of these alternate routes? Are they a good idea or are there other factors not considered here?

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  1. tina tina March 3, 2015

    If you take Washington street to portal way you need to be drive careful, there are a lot of kids walking to school in the morning and to the coffee shop at lunch, along with young kids waiting for the school bus, and
    the employees at Ferndale grain are crossing the street all day.

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