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June 15, 2019 | 8:05pm
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Windward High School to close at end of this school year

Today, Ferndale School District administrators alerted students and families of Windward High School (WHS) that this, the 2017-2018 school year, would be the school’s last year of operation.

Administrators cited low enrollment over the last few years as the primary reason for the decision.

“Windward has been an option for High School students for the past 14 years. During the past few years, however, fewer students have elected the Windward option. Last spring only seven freshmen enrolled.”

District officials say Windward students not graduating this year have the following options available in 2018-2019 if students show interest.

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* Evening High School (New Program)
* Ferndale Virtual Learning Academy (New Program)
* IMPACT! (Existing Program)
* SOAR (Existing Program)
* Enroll at FHS

District officials say forums are planned for Windward students, staff and families to help with the transition process. The District is also planning to provide an online toolkit for transitioning students and staff.

WHS has been housed at what was formerly the North Bellingham Elementary School for the past few years. Prior to that it operated from within the FHS campus after being formed in 2004 and later in the building that was formerly known as the “Ferndale Band Boosters Building” at 5330 LaBounty Drive.

Windward staff are assured continued employment elsewhere within the Ferndale School District according to officials.

According to the school’s website, the school opened in 2004 and serves approximately 125 students in grades 9-12. Update 12/15/17 1pm – District officials say that number is currently down to 70 students. Windward has issued its own diploma with its own set of graduation requirements separate from FHS’s.

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  1. I think the school district did not do enough to keep this school going. Windward students are like family. l think as a community we could get the enrollment up, but people were not aware that Windward might close, if they did not have more students. This is heartbreaking news that the school is not staying open. Can we change this?

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