Windy and rainy weather system to arrive Wednesday night

rain on road GIF
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Earlier this week, forecasters forewarned of a weather system that had the potential to bring damaging winds and heavy rain Thursday.

Since then the computer models have become more aligned with regard to the expected wind. This morning, National Weather Service (NWS) forecasters described the weather system’s expected impact across western Washington, “This will likely make for breezy to windy conditions over much of the area…but at this time no particular area looks to stand out when it comes to the need for any wind [statements, alerts or warnings]…as forecast speeds look to fall short of criteria.”

While the concern about damaging winds has diminished, heavy rains are still expected. The NWS forecast says to expect up to 3/4-inch in the Ferndale area Thursday day and up to another 1/2-inch Thursday night. This much rainfall within 24 hours has the potential to create surface water flooding. Drivers should be alert for the possibility of water and debris over roads and neighbors are asked to keep street drains clear of leaves and other debris.

The heavy rains are expected to cause the Nooksack River level to rise several feet. But the current forecast for the river level at Ferndale has it cresting Friday at just past the 12-foot mark, well below levels where river flooding becomes a concern.

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