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Tuesday, March 31 | 6:17am
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With 1 ballot left to count, school bond appears to have passed

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After counting another 903 ballots today, February 14th, the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office is reporting the Ferndale School District’s $112 million bond proposition has received 61.99% votes.

The bond proposition was required to received over 60% approval votes to pass. And, since this was a Special Election, at least 40% of the ballots received during the last General Election needed to be submitted. Both of those requirements appear to have been met.

The Auditor’s office released the total votes after today’s tally as follows:

To Approve
To Reject3,70338.01%

They also estimated there remained 1 ballot to be counted.

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The Special Election will be certified on Friday, February 22nd, after a meeting on February 19th to review any challenged ballots.

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  1. Gotta love higher taxes for the next 20 years!

    What’s even better, is we all know they’re going to add even more tax hikes in that same time, on top of this one.

    This is organized theft from home and property owners.

    Maybe Ferndale will become the next Detroit, where 1 in 3 homes has been foreclosed on for property taxes? You don’t build a strong community by taxing people out of their own homes. That’s how you create poverty, homelessness, crime, and neighborhood blight.

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