Wondering why you had to log back into Facebook recently? You were not alone.

facebook security notice 2018-09-28
Facebook security notice provided after a security issue was discovered (September 28, 2018). Source: Facebook

Officials at Facebook announced last week the online social media service had suffered a data breach affecting nearly 50 million accounts. As a result, those accounts were reset to a logged out state. Those users discovered they needed to provide their ID and passwords (ie log back in) to access their Facebook accounts. Another 40 million accounts were reset as a “precautionary step.”

Users accessing their Facebook accounts on multiple devices and apps were required to log back in on each one.

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Officials said there is no need for anyone to change their passwords as a result of the breach.

Officials announced on Friday that a combination of 3 bugs in their system created a vulnerability that had been exploited and that vulnerability had since been fixed. As a precaution, the service feature with the bugs, “View as …,” has been disabled.


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