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Workers drill a new City of Ferndale water well to a depth of 1000-feet in the Public Works shop yard (April 4th, 2017). Photo: My Ferndale News

Work begins on new City water well

Neighbors in the area of Main Street and Legoe Avenue are probably well-aware of the relatively noisy work going on within the gated area around the Ferndale Public Works shop yard.

Workers from Holt Services, Inc. have set up the equipment and begun drilling a third well for the City of Ferndale (COF). According to Public Works Director Kevin Renz, the goals for digging the third well into an aquifer beneath the city are to provide redundancy in the event another well should fail, increasing the City’s available water supply and exploring the depth of the aquifer up to 1000′.

The current shop well was drilled to a depth of 160-feet in the 1950s. Drilling stopped once they reached a water layer, according to Renz.

Renz said the exploration aspect of the project will provide information about where water layers exist and materials make up the other layers at various depths.

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The contract costs as awarded are:

* $516,243 for construction and was awarded to Holt Services, Inc.
* $10,200 for construction management and engineering and was awarded to Wilson Engineering
* $46,860 for geotechnical engineering services and was awarded to AESI

The total estimated project cost based on these contracts is $573,303.

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The drilling process could take up to three months if they continue to a depth of 1,000-feet.

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