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Site of sheared-off pole along with tire tracks leading up to the pole (May 23, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Work begins to replace crosswalk alert system on Washington Street

Workers are expected to block the shoulder and bike lane on the north side of Washington Street at Golden Eagle Drive today while they begin work to replace one of the crosswalk alert system standards knocked down last May.

The City has hired a contractor to remove the damaged sign base and replace the system once materials and equipment arrive. Work today will include demolishing the damaged concrete foundation.

The standard was knocked down while traffic was stopped for pedestrians in the crosswalk and a vehicle approaching from the east failed to stop and left the road to the right, clipping a vehicle stopped at the crosswalk, crashing into the pole and ending up on the sidewalk. A 16-year old girl in the crosswalk was struck by the falling standard. The pedestrian was checked out by aid crews at the scene and released to her parents.

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