World Series Champions’ to be celebrated Saturday

2017 Cal Ripken Major 60 World Series champions - Ferndale 12u
2017 Cal Ripken Major 60 World Series champions - Ferndale 12u. Photo courtesy Bill Hatchett

Steve Malpezzi, a partner in the Leader Block Wine Co., scrambled Friday afternoon to obtain a special event permit from the City of Ferndale and arrange collaboration with neighboring business Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant. This was all done to pull off hosting a homecoming event tomorrow for the Ferndale 12u Cal Ripken team who are returning home tonight after winning the Major 60 World Series in North Carolina.

As a result, 2nd Avenue will be closed between Vista Drive and Main Street between 2pm and 6pm tomorrow, Saturday, for a homecoming celebration with the team and coaches.

According to Malpezzi, details were still coming together as of 5pm Friday but City staff had agreed to close the street and were going to waive the fees for doing so.

Leader Block Wine Co. will be offering inexpensive foods, like hot dogs and corn dogs, and beverages will be available with outside sidewalk service.

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The possibility of live music and a ceremony to introduce the team and the coaches was still being worked out.

Chihuahua Restaurant manager Jocsan Hernandez said they will have their mobile taco truck there from 3pm to 6pm.