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A southbound car waits on 1st Avenue to turn onto Main Street after electronic traffic signals had been removed (December 5, 2017). Photo via My Ferndale News webcam

WSDOT lists state/local projects delayed by I-976 passage

FERNDALE, Wash. — The day after initial General Election results showed passage of a state-wide initiative to return car tab fees to $30, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee asked officials at WSDOT to postpone transportation projects not yet underway. In response, WSDOT released the following list this week.


Locals can take some comfort that notably absent from the lists is the long-awaited and Washington State funded Thornton Street overpass project here in Ferndale.

WSDOT said in this week’s announcement that their $6.7 billion 2019-2021 biennial budget is estimated to lose $451 million in car tab fee revenue as a result of the voters objecting to current car tab fee levels.

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We are all navigating a challenging situation. It will be months before we have a definitive plan in the form of an amended 2019-21 transportation budget by the Legislature and the Governor

Washington State Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar

WSDOT officials are assuming delays of the projects on the list of at least six months.

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