WWII grenade turned in to the Ferndale Police station

grenade turned in to the FPD station 2018-08-08
Grenade turned in to the Ferndale Police station (August 8, 2018). Photo courtesy of Ferndale Police

Ferndale Police officials say a World War II grenade that a citizen brought to the police station Wednesday, August 8th, to have it disposed of turned out to be harmless.

According to Ferndale Police Lieutenant Bill Hatchett, the man’s father served during WWII and brought back the grenade as a souvenir. They were done keeping it and, in order to have it properly disposed of, brought it to the police station.

It was deemed inert by police as the safety lever and pin had already been removed, Hatchett said. But per their explosives handling protocol, it was secured in an explosives box until it could be properly disposed of.

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Hatchett said they would prefer people call 911 and request an officer instead of bringing an apparent explosive device to the police station.

“In cases like this, where an explosive device (even though kept as a souvenir and presumably inert) is already in the owners possession, we would prefer they call 911 to request an officer and let us determine the proper steps for disposal,” Hatchet said.

“In cases where an apparent explosive device is found, like in the Haggen parking lot a while back, we ask that it be left in place and calling 911 immediately,” Hatchett advised.

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