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Main Street traffic camera (September 18, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Yesterday’s forecast heavy rainfall fell short

Forecasters expected a quarter-inch of rainfall between mid-afternoon and midnight but the Ferndale area saw only half that amount according to several local weather monitoring stations.

Areas close to Puget Sound, including Sandy Point and Gooseberry Point, did receive wind gusts around 40mph, enough to suspend the Lummi Island ferry service for a few hours.

A quarter-inch of rainfall had been expected but, according to weather monitoring stations around the area, only 0.13″ was recorded.

The updated forecast expects a total of about one-third inch of rainfall through Wednesday, much less than the 0.88″ forecast a few days ago. Computer models vary with a minimum of 0.1″ and a maximum of 0.7″ over that same time period.

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