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Yondersea Barber, Kevin Bell, with customer Jeff Savage. Photo: Discover Ferndale

Yondersea Barber Lands in Ferndale

Kevin Bell was excited to get a second chance at it and jumped at the opportunity to make 2018 Main Street home to Yondersea Barber. The location had been occupied by Gent’s Club Barbershop which closed months earlier.

Things haven’t always been so good for Bell. Back in 2008, he got laid off from his job in Ferndale and fell into financial straits. But it was then he decided to pursue his long-time interest in barbering. Bell said barbering really fits him and the things he values.

Bell worked in a couple barbershops before starting his own inside Mayberry Sporting Goods in Bellingham. After Mayberry Sports went out of business in 2014, Bell moved everything into his own place on Meridian Avenue. He had hoped to move into the 2018 Main Street location years ago but it was taken before he could.

Even with the Bellingham location doing well, realizing last week that the Main Street location was again available made him act fast. Bell was excited to open the doors and start cutting hair from there only days later.

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Bell said he is winding down his responsibilities at the Bellingham location and preparing his staff there to handle things in his absence.

A unique touch customers can expect after every haircut is a straight razor hot lather neck shave, a classic treat in line with Bell’s desire to make his barbershop much like they were in the early 1900s. Back then, said Bell, a barber knew their customers and cared about them personally. And customers knew to come to the barbershop to meet others in the community.

And when asked about the name, Bell explained that “Yondersea” is the name of his first sailboat.

Yondersea Barber hours will be 9am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

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