Saturday, August 18 | 10:24pm


Reichhardt & Ebe Engineering, Inc preliminary compact roundabout design source cof

Portal Way I-5 ramps reopened early

The Portal Way compact roundabout is now fully functional.
political signs on public right-of-way along Main Street east of Pioneer Bridge 2015-10-05

Sign posting rules within Ferndale could change

Signs won't be prohibited based on content, but some other reasons will be discussed.

Here’s Monday’s City Council meeting agenda

A 5pm study session about replacing the City Hall Annex Building will be followed by what signs can be posted in City right-of-ways, regulating tent cities and more on the regular meeting agenda.
modis satellite image 1400 2018-08-16

Forecasters: Air quality is expected worsen again early next week

Smoke is likely to return beginning Sunday.
monish brandt promo photo

Business: Brandt achieves Certified Financial Planner certification

Brandt has been a financial advisor in Whatcom County for 13 years.

One assailant sentenced in Ferndale motel shooting/stabbing incident

The altercation ended with one man shot in the chest and the other with a stab wound.
fire engine forward overhead lights at night

Firefighters respond to house fire next door to fire station

Several engines and aid units were dispatched to a report of a residential fire on Northwest Drive.
peoples bank pay it forward pigs graphic 2018

Business: Peoples Bank launches ‘Pay It Forward Pigs’ contest

Piggy banks hidden near Peoples Bank branches contain $30.

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multifamily housing developments on the south side of 2300 block main street 2018-08-14

Downtown apartment developments tax exemption proposal delayed

A key item on the Planning and Land Use Committee meeting agenda this morning was the City's proposal to waive property taxes for qualifying...
custer - loomis trail rd air monitoring station report as of 2018-08-15 0700

Air quality improves overnight but still not “GOOD”

Relief is expected later than originally forecast.
road fogline stripe

TRAFFIC ALERT: Striping on City roads and fog sealing on County roads scheduled

Drivers are advised to use caution when driving in the area of the work crews.
custer - loomis trail rd air monitoring station report as of 2018-08-14 1000

Air quality update – it’s gotten worse before getting better

Nearby air quality measuring station shows air quality has become unhealthy for everyone.
custer - loomis trail rd air monitoring station report as of 2018-08-13 1600

Air quality suffers as smoke from wildfires moves into the area

Air quality at this point can effect more people than average.
mailbox condo graffiti - pix

Graffiti vandal(s) hit north Ferndale neighborhood

Graffiti vandalism is punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 365 days.

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power outage DF stock graphic

Some wake to find themselves without power in north Ferndale

Officials estimate it will be later this afternoon before power is restored.
flagger road work construction detour stock photo

TRAFFIC ALERT: Striping on W & E Smith Road begins Monday

Reminder: Long delays can be expected.
I-5 northbound exit at Portal Way about 0430pm 2-16-16 Photo My Ferndale News

Traffic Alert: NB I-5 ramps will be closed at Portal Way starting Monday

The ramps could be closed through Saturday.
bush fire on shelby court 2015-07-04 2

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This is one reason it's called, "community news."
fpd making traffic stop 1600 main st 3 2018-06-19

Ferndale Police activity statistics – July 2018

FPD averaged 33.4 dispatches and 6.7 call reports per day during July.

Nearby: Rainy skies won’t slow aircraft overhead coming and going from Abbotsford Airshow

The 2018 Abbotsford Airshow began Friday and continues through Sunday.