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Former City Administrator asks for severance pay due per contract

"Because the Mayor acted in terminating Greg under the contract, Greg is entitled to the requisite severance pay."

UPDATED: Multi-vehicle crash blocked southbound I-5 at Portal Way

Both lanes of I-5 southbound were blocked.

Ferndale schools to resume Tuesday barring “something bizarre and unforeseen” occurring overnight.

The district has followed a practice of "no news is good news."

Winter Weather Advisory issued for today

Afternoon snow could make for a slow evening commute.

Decision to return to classes likely to include blocked sidewalks, more snow in the forecast

"but often other factors come into play, like ... the safety of walking routes for those who come to school on foot."

Ferndale Police activity statistics – January 2019

FPD averaged 42.4 dispatches and 10.2 call reports per day during January.

Feature Stories

Anti-Virus/Malware advice for Windows and Apple computer users

Macs are less vulnerable than Windows but still not inherently safe.

What’s the ‘lock’ icon on your browser and why should you care

It is ridiculously easy to snoop on you when you access an unsecured website via a public Wifi connection.

Don’t be Phished

Another in the Computer Questions & Troubles series

Fishing news: Rule changes impact nearby fishing spots

Fishers at Lake Padden and Whatcom Creek are impacted.

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