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April 24, 2019 | 4:50pm
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Apologies. Rainfall is currently being reported in millimeters instead of inches. This will hopefully be remedied soon. In the meantime, 5mm=0.2in

My Ferndale News is an official NOAA Weather-Ready Nation ambassador.

Being next to the Puget Sound means the Ferndale area typically enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. Only infrequently do temperatures drop below freezing or climb above 90°F for extended periods.

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stock graphic - wind advisory sq

Wind Advisory issued for Saturday

Winds are expected to peak during the afternoon.
rain on road GIF

Rain is welcome sight given the summer outlook

Despite record snowstorms in February, snowpack in the northern Pacific Northwest remains below normal. As a result, the water supply forecast for...
water schedule in effect sign on Main St east of pioneer bridge 2018-07-25

City council to consider a return to mandatory water restrictions this summer

This is to "address what will likely be the largest demands ever placed on the system."

Forecast: What to expect in the days ahead

There has been over a month of unseasonably cold weather.
sunny day

A weather forecast to be mostly happy about

Mostly sunny days are expected except for one blip in the forecast.