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My Ferndale News is an official NOAA Weather-Ready Nation ambassador.

Being next to the Puget Sound means the Ferndale area typically enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. Only infrequently do temperatures drop below freezing or climb above 90°F for extended periods.

Latest weather-related stories

Firefighter directs a hose on an outside fire between Bay and Grandview Roads, east of Blaine Road 2017-07-14

UPDATED: County Fire Marshal announces open burning ban

Updated to include WCFD17 (Sandy Point) also beginning a burn ban.

Ominous cloud formation seen headed toward Ferndale Sunday afternoon

It was reassuring to see the top of Mount Baker intact under this ominous cloud formation.
windy tree gusty winds

Felt like the breezy winds lasted for weeks? You’d be right

For good and for bad, kite fliers and hay fever sufferers know all too well the impact breezy weather during June can have on their quality of life.
Corp of Engineers and their contractors work to repair the Nooksack River levee in Ferndale (September 2010). Photo courtesy Ferndale Public Works.

Repairs to damaged Nooksack River levee in Ferndale coming this summer

Repair work will replace missing material across a 125-foot area.
families enjoy the fountain at the Centennial Riverwalk during weather with highs in the 80s 2018-07-23

Above-normal high temps are in next week’s forecast

Temperatures are expected to peak on Wednesday.